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    Industrial insulation fitter

    We are looking for experienced installers of insulation. The employee essential duties are assembling and disassembling heat and cold insulation in industrial buildings in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The employee must have experience with the type of Armaflex insulation, foam glass or mineral wool.

    Scaffolding fitter

    We are looking for scaffolders. The duty of the employee will work at the assembly, disassembly and storage of industrial scaffolding type layher, crab or cup-lock depending on the project. Provided for the construction of this power plants, refineries and chemical plants located around cities such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, Groningen, Alkmaar, Dusseldorf, Geleen.


    We are looking for welders methods 111, 135, 136, 141 with current welding certificates. The duty of the employee will be to prepare for welding and welding of steel of different groups of materials for industrial facilities like power plants, refineries, chemical plants but also in the construction of bridges, overpasses in Western Europe.